“Alo” Travel Agency, which was founded in 1994, due to its long year experience will introduce you Armenia with all its charm, dreamlike nature, picturesque and memorable places, magnificent waterfalls and lakes, thick forests, caves, ancient churches, cross-stones, historical monuments. Armenia is one of the world’s safest destinations for tourists. You will leave Armenia with unforgettable impressions, taking with you Armenians’ pride and symbol, the image of sacred Mount Ararat, where Noah’s ark landed.
Welcome to the country of holy pilgrimage and sunny land with its hospitable people, who were the first to adopt Christianity in 301.Tourists from all over the world, visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial of Tsitsernakaberd in the capital of Yerevan, to pay tribute to the victims of 1915.
The city of Yerevan has always attracted tourists for its pink tufa buildings, architectural monuments, museums, galleries, the repository of ancient manuscripts of Matenadaran, churches, statues and monuments, parks, singing fountains; a city which offers an enjoyable and safe night walk around to the tourists and their families.
Visit to Armenian castles will make you feel like a knight or goddess of ancient times; a trip to Tatev is a must-do with a ride by the longest non-stop ropeway in the world.
For the lovers of adventure, sport and ecotourism we offer a variety of activities. You may enjoy flying by hang glider and paraglider, participate in amateur rock climbing competitions, take a horseback riding, do some hiking and go for an off-road driving through heavy-going plateaus and ridges, reach difficult peaks, and spend overnight in tents. You may go in for fishing, enjoy the rural life by riding a donkey or a horse, taste lavash, the traditional Armenian bread, enjoy the most popular typical Armenian dishes, such as dolma, harissa, barbecue, basturma (cured meat) and sujukh, lie in the sun at Lake Sevan, taste trout fish, enjoy delicious Armenian brandy and delightful grape wine.
Tsakhkadzor welcomes ski and snowboard fans with its wonderful sports facilities in winter and with its beautiful nature and recreation areas in summer.
Due to the high quality medical services and curative effects of the mineral waters of Jermuk, Arzni and other health resorts of Armenia, you will return from your holiday fully healed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.
The professional team of “Alo” Travel Agency is looking forward to organizing the best of your holiday.